Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals: A Boon For The Grassroots

Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals providing world class tertiary care in rural setting. Read to know why it's one of the best hospital of North India.

Dera Sacha Sauda, a socio-spiritual organization, has set up another milestone in the field of medical sciences with Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital, a hospital with world class amenities in a rural area. Constructed in around 1.25 lakh square feet, this hospital has been created in the shape of a heart and 3 buildings inside are constructed in the shape of S, M, G. All the interior and exterior architecture of hospital has been designed by Revered Guru Ji Himself. This hospital equipped with 300 indoor beds and 100 extra beds have all the machines imported from Japan and Netherlands, which most of the hospitals in major cities lack. The operation theater too is fully high tech, covered with steel that will keep it free from bacteria. Even super specialist doctors from foreign countries will keep on visiting the hospital and render their services from time to time.

World Class Tertiary Care In Rural Setting:
Those aspiring to get world class treatment, available only in developed countries, will now be able to avail state-of-the-art facilities in a natural rural landscape. Equipped with latest diagnostic facilities and treatment, the hospital inspired by Dera Sacha Sauda, Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital, aims to make world class quality tertiary treatment easily affordable to the poor. “The idea behind the hospital is that the richest and the poorest of the land will be able to get treatment to the best of their satisfaction in the same place. The rich will no longer have to leave the country to seek advanced treatment as state-of-the-art facilities are available here,”said Guruji. Economically weak people will be provided free treatment in the hospital. Special benefits will be given to the poor. At the time of registration the patient’s economic status will be assessed and if the patient is poor, not only the diagnostics, but treatment too would be done free of cost.” The hospital has a special feature of fragrant environment as its natural landscape and environment has been enriched specially with fragrant bushes and trees.” Specially designed ambulances, fully equipped with latest portable facilities are available,”said Guruji. Speaking to the staff, Guruji said, ” It is important that the entire staff, right from the paramedic to the top doctors, treats patients respectfully and lovingly. Love and affection are as potent for the patient as medicine itself. ” Doctors from Shah Satnam Ji Super Speciality Hospital organize free camps at the Dera at the end of every month which have proved to be a boon for lakhs of patients who seek treatment in the camps. The hospital’s expansion has given hope to the people of the area that they will not have to travel to bigger cities for good treatment. The hospital has been designed in such a way that the patient feels at home. Huge windows have been kept in the rooms that look out on verdant greens outside. Often, it is seen that a patient becomes psychologically weak when kept in the intensive care unit. But the ICUs in this hospital have been exclusively designed that lets the patient see the sky overhead and trees outside the window.

Anil Vij Health Minister Haryana, during his visit to this hospital had said, “I give 10 out of 10 marks to this hospital, this kind of hospital was something unimaginable in such a sub-urban area. It is a matter of great pride for us that the rural areas of our state have been blessed with a super speciality, tertiary care hospital. This will benefit people of not just Haryana but surrounding states as well. It is our humble request to Guruji that if more such hospitals are opened in Haryana then the government will extend its fullest help.”

Enlighting the Lives - Could anyone imagine that a remote village of North Rajasthan could give birth to one of the largest eyebanks in the country. Indeed, the Shah Satnamji General Hospital at Sri Gurusarmodia has now led to two seprate eyebanks, the other being in Sirsa; that cumulatively process 2300 plus eyes every year. What is more, the entire collection is based on the voluntary efforts of Dera Sacha Sauda. As Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan often says, “The devotees are quick to participate in every initiative, they are ever ready.” Established by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the current eye bank provides advanced services like full thickness corneal transplant, lamellar corneal transplant and endothelial keratoplasty. In the new hospital, a new special German microkeratome has been installed. And the beauty is, that once the corneal is horizontally sliced the inner and outer halves can be used to help two different patients.

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Skin Bank In Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital

Emergency ICU, ICCU, NICU, PICU This ICU monitor will regularly monitor the pulse, heart, oxygen and temperature of the patient. These kinds of ICU monitors are being used in America and it will be first such Monitor to be used in India. Ultrasound & Doppler The Ultrasound machine installed in the hospital have been imported from America which will also have the facility of Heart Angiography. 128 Slice CT Scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI machine has also been also imported from abroad. In technical language, until now body was scanned in 16 parts only in India but with this 128 Slice CT Scan machine, body can be scanned almost 8 times better (in 128 parts). This will help doctors to diagnose the disease in a better way. Trauma centre Organ Transplant Neuro Surgery High-Tech Lasik Eye Surgery Ophthalmology department caters to thousands of patients annually and is up to date including Lasik laser facility, Phaco etc and it runs the largest corneal transplant program of North India Plastic Surgery Antenatal program Psychiatric counseling Complete Dental Care 24/7 Dialysis availability Modern & well equipped OTS Labour room & Delivery suite and infertility setup with facilities for IUI and plans for further expansion Regular visits by Cardiologist, Urologist & other surgeons Well trained & sincere nursing staff International Eye Bank International blood bank (with components facility & unique in having policy of ‘no replacement’) Advance Lab Ambulance service available.

Some Facts About Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital :
  • Largest Hospital Of The Region (400 Beds) With World Level Facilities
  • Largest Blood & Eye Bank Of North India.
  • Successful Treatment Of Over 3 Lakh Patients Till Now.
  • Over 5000 Successful Surgeries
  • Successful Treatment Of Over 2000 Dengue Patients
  •  Largest Dialysis Center Of The Region
  • The Only Plastic Surgery Center Of The Region

Departments / Service Ares:
  • Eye
  • Laboratory
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • ENT
  • Emergency
  • ICU
  • Physiotherapy
  • Microbiology
  • Blood Bank
  • Radiology
  • Dental
  • Internal Medicine
  • Dialysis
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Urology
  • Anesthesia

डेरा सच्चा सौदा, धर्म का संगम, शाह सतनाम जी स्पेशलिटी अस्पताल के उद्घाटन के नोहर-भादरा रोड पर शाह सतनाम जी धाम के पास उच्च तकनीक सुविधाओं के साथ मदद की साथ चिकित्सा विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में एक और मील का पत्थर स्थापित किया है। अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर के चिकित्सा सुविधाओं वाले अस्पताल के दो पौधे लगाने से और (डेरा करने के लिए एक परंपरा प्रथागत) 'रिबन में शामिल होने से' 28 वें मार्च 2014 को श्रद्धेय संत गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह जी द्वारा उद्घाटन किया गया। करीब 1.25 लाख वर्ग फुट में निर्मित यह अस्पताल एक दिल के आकार में बनाया गया है और 3 इमारतों के अंदर एस, एम, जी अस्पताल के सभी आंतरिक और बाहरी वास्तुकला के आकार में निर्माण कर रहे हैं श्रद्धेय गुरु जी द्वारा डिजाइन किया गया है खुद को। 300 इनडोर बेड और 100 अतिरिक्त बिस्तर के साथ सुसज्जित इस अस्पताल में सभी जापान और नीदरलैंड, जो बड़े शहरों में अस्पतालों के सबसे कमी से आयातित मशीनें हैं। ऑपरेशन थिएटर भी पूरी तरह से उच्च तकनीक, स्टील है कि यह बैक्टीरिया से मुक्त रखना होगा के साथ कवर किया है। विदेशी देशों से भी सुपर विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टरों को अस्पताल का दौरा पर रखने के लिए और समय-समय पर उनकी सेवाओं को प्रस्तुत करना होगा।

आपातकालीन आईसीयू, आईसीसीयू, NICU, PICU इस पर नजर रखने के लिए नियमित रूप से आईसीयू नाड़ी, दिल, ऑक्सीजन और रोगी के तापमान की निगरानी करेंगे। आईसीयू पर नज़र रखता है के इन प्रकार अमेरिका में इस्तेमाल किया जा रहा है और यह इस तरह की पहली मॉनिटर भारत में इस्तेमाल किया जा करने के लिए होगा। अल्ट्रासाउंड और डॉपलर अल्ट्रासाउंड मशीन अस्पताल में स्थापित अमेरिका से आयात किया गया है जो भी दिल एंजियोग्राफी की सुविधा के लिए होगा। 128 स्लाइस सीटी स्कैन, 1.5 टेस्ला एमआरआई मशीन भी भी विदेशों से आयात किया गया है। तकनीकी भाषा में, अब तक शरीर को केवल भारत में बल्कि इस 128 स्लाइस सीटी स्कैन मशीन के साथ 16 भागों में स्कैन किया गया, शरीर लगभग 8 गुना बेहतर स्कैन किया जा सकता (128 भागों में)। यह डॉक्टरों के लिए एक बेहतर तरीका में रोग का निदान करने में मदद मिलेगी। ट्रॉमा सेंटर अंग प्रत्यारोपण न्यूरो सर्जरी उच्च तकनीक Lasik नेत्र शल्य चिकित्सा नेत्र विज्ञान विभाग प्रतिवर्ष रोगियों के हजारों को पूरा करता है और Lasik लेजर सुविधा, फेको सहित तिथि आदि पर निर्भर है और यह उत्तर भारत का सबसे बड़ा कार्निया प्रत्यारोपण कार्यक्रम चलाता है प्लास्टिक सर्जरी प्रसव पूर्व कार्यक्रम मनोरोग परामर्श पूर्ण दंत चिकित्सा देखभाल 24/7 डायलिसिस उपलब्धता आधुनिक और अच्छी तरह से सुसज्जित ओटीएस लेबर रूम और डिलिवरी सूट और आगे विस्तार के लिए IUI के लिए सुविधाओं और योजनाओं के साथ बांझपन सेटअप हृदय रोग विशेषज्ञ, मूत्र रोग विशेषज्ञ व अन्य सर्जनों द्वारा नियमित रूप से दौरा अच्छी तरह से प्रशिक्षित और ईमानदारी से नर्सिंग स्टाफ इंटरनेशनल आई बैंक ( 'की कोई जगह' नीति होने में घटकों की सुविधा और अद्वितीय के साथ) इंटरनेशनल ब्लड बैंक एडवांस लैब एम्बुलेंस सेवा उपलब्ध।
(Inputs from Sumitt Sethi)



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Youth Voice: Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals: A Boon For The Grassroots
Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals: A Boon For The Grassroots
Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals providing world class tertiary care in rural setting. Read to know why it's one of the best hospital of North India.
Youth Voice
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