Humanitarian Works - Dera Sacha Sauda

A brief description of all the ongoing humanitarian programs by volunteers of worlds largest spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda.

Dera Sacha Sauda: Confluence Of All Religions is a spiritual and social welfare organization well known for its humanitarian works. People from all walks of life are welcome in the Dera, irrespective of their religion or race or nationality.

The Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa was founded on 29th April 1948 by Spiritual Master Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. Shortly thereafter, His Holiness appointed Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj as his successor on 28th February 1960. After a few decades, on 23rd September 1990, Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj announced Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the present Spiritual Master, as his successor. Outwardly, the three spiritual masters have no worldly ties with one another.

No Offerings or donations are accepted here. His Holiness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan does not accept even a penny from the organization’s funds for his personal requirements, which are fulfilled from his own hard earned income. Volunteers themselves work hard to meet the expenses of the organization. Guruji guides people toward inner emancipation and noble deeds.

It is the result of Guruji’s spiritual guidance and benevolence that the Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing Members have great enthusiasm and zeal for the service of humanity. A brief description of the ongoing humanitarian programs is given here:

1. SHUBHDEVI (BANE REMOVED BY BOON): Revered Guru Ji adopts the girls entrapped in prostitution as his own daughters, gets them medically treated and rehabilitate them with the social mainstream by arranging their marriage, thus, creating a movement against prostitution. Website:

2. SUKHDUA (A COMMUNITY THAT PRAYS FOR THE WELL BEING OF ALL): Eunuchs (Hijra/ Kinnars) are the most discriminated and least respected segment in the society. Revered Guru Ji renamed them as “Sukh Dua Samaj”,took an initiative to adopt them and integrate them with social mainstream.

3. BACK TO NATURE: Homosexuality is a huge problem for the present as well as coming generations,Revered Guru Ji has initiated a drive to eliminate homosexuality by providing counseling to them, cautioning them about possible health hazards and encouraging them to lead a normal life.

4. ROYAL DAUGHTERS: With an aim to counter the menace of female feticide and gender based discrimination of girls, Revered Guru Ji has adopted the girls who were to be killed in fetus or are abandoned by parents as his own foster daughters. He has inspired lacs of followers to take a pledge not to kill their unborn daughters.

5. ROYAL SHELTER: Operating the Shah Satnam Ji Asra Ashram for hapless orphan boys, where they are provided with state of art educational, boarding & lodging facilities along with mental and emotional upliftment.

6. HEALTH FOR THE MARGINALISED: Operating a leper’s home for leprosy patients, where patients are provided with all the medical, physical, mental and emotional help along with boarding & lodging arrangements.

7. THE GREATEST GIFT: Helping childless couples by helping them adopt children through legal adoption and thus bringing joys into their life.

8. COMPANION INDEED: Donating wheel chairs and artificial aids to the physically challenged and needy people.

9. HUMANITY: Helping people, who meet with an accident, helping them reach the hospital as soon as possible and ensuring the best possible medical care.

10. NEW LIFE: Providing financial help to patients belonging to economic weaker section to meet their medical needs.

11. TRUE LIFE: Providing medical & emotional help along with treatment to mentally & physically challenged people, who tend to beg on public places; educating them on hard work and making them capable to integrate into society.

12. TRUE BLOOD PUMP: Running an International blood bank and conducting several mega blood donation drives worldwide to fulfill blood needs of major blood banks world over. In addition, blood donations are made by volunteers, wherever required, for the police, journalists, patients of thalassemia etc. by members of Dera Sacha Sauda spread all over the world. Dera Sacha Sauda also happens to be the largest blood donor to the Indian Military including Army, Air Force and Navy. Click here to read more.

13. ETERNAL SERVICE: Encouraging posthumous body donation for medical research works.

14. EYE DONATION: Encouraging posthumous eye donation.

15. NANHA FARISHTA (A Medical MINI Angel): Organizing medical checkup camps in remote villages by the Ashram’s Mobile Hospital, “Nanha Farishta“.

16. DIVINE LIGHT/ TRANSPLANTING EYES: Conducting free eye operations, providing medicines and accommodation, care and assistance to thousands of patients in a free eye camp on 13th, 14th & 15th December every year, apart from a regular monthly camps.

17. PUBLIC WELFARE: Organizing monthly free treatment and medical checkup camps (Jan Kalyan Parmarthi Shivir) providing services of specialist & super specialist Doctors, along with free tests.

18. TRUE HAPPY: Running True Happy (Heart Attack Prevention Program for You), A Project for free heart checkup and prevention of heart diseases through a holistic and preventive approach.

19. AYURVEDA- A PANACEA: Providing treatment of incurable diseases with the help of Yoga & Ayurveda with positive living.

20. DIVINE CHARACTER: Promotion of vegetarianism.

21. CIVILIZED BEINGS: Reintegrating tribals with mainstream society.

22. HEALTHY LIFE: A concerted Anti – drug addiction and rehabilitation Campaign.

23. SECURING LIFE: Believing in and teaching the way to non-violence.

24. SPIRITUAL CHARACTER: Promoting character buildup (which helps build up a healthy young generation free from fatal diseases like AIDS and other sexually transmitted illnesses without any medication) through Satsang, Yoga & Meditation.

25. BLESSINGS: Providing help to financially poor and unprivileged girls to get married.

26. REAL EDUCATION: To facilitate financial help and guidance for students from poorer sections of society. Career counseling is also provided to them.

27. HOMELY SHELTER: Providing “ready to move in” houses to the needy, unprivileged, widows and poor.

28. FOOD BANK: Food is one of the most important needs to survive. Millions of people don’t get enough food, and many have surplus that they waste, so encouraging people to donate food items to the needy. 24×7 food service is available for the needy at the Ashram’s food banks.

29. CLEANSE CAMPAIGN: Promoting cleanliness and hygiene by encouraging people to keep the environment clean; Dera Sacha Sauda regularly organizes Mega cleanliness campaigns in different cities which are led by Guruji Himself.

30. NATURE CAMPAIGN: Making people aware and encouraging them to save trees and to plant & nurture more saplings for the coming generations to live in a healthy environment. People are also provided with saplings for plantation.

31. PROTECTION: Encouraging farmers to use the left over stalks as fodder for animals instead of burning it. It will be useful in for animals and save the environment too.

32. WATER IS LIFE: Teaching that Water is life, to save it and encourage all for Harvesting Water.

33. SAVE LIFE: Helping stray animals by providing them shelter, food and medical aid.

34. CLOTH BANK: Encouraging people to donate clothes to the needy who can’t afford to buy clothes by themselves.

35. SELF-RELIANCE: Helping unemployed citizens by making them independent through self employment or finding a job.

36. SCIENTIFIC FARMING: Educating and guiding farmers to get better yields from their land under agriculture by promoting scientific techniques of cultivation.

37. BIRDS’ NURTURING: Feeding birds and encouraging people to keep feed & water for birds on rooftops .

38. MEDIATION: Resolving family disputes through Mediation & counseling instead of approaching courts and a tedious legal process.

39. SELF-ESTEEM: Setting up vocational centers such as stitching centers, looms for weaving etc. as source of employment for women in rural areas.

40. CONFLUENCE OF ALL RELIGIONS: Believing & promoting religious unification that all religions lead to one God, promoting defacto unity to stop religious disputes and maintain brotherhood.

41. DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Rendering disaster management training and first aid training to individuals through the Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing.

42. LIBERATION FROM CURSE: Endorsing dowry-free marriages.

43. RIGHTEOUS CUSTOM: Teaching & helping people to give-up superstitions, rumors, black magic and misguiding predictions.

44. PIOUS WOMB: Building character, values and good traits in coming generations by encouraging pregnant women to listen to true spiritual discourses and read stories of the noble and brave.

45. HEALTH-DELIGHT: Educating the young generation to be health conscious by organizing different sports events and promoting mutual cooperation for a better society.

46. THE BUD OF KNOWLEDGE: Promoting girl’s education through awareness and facilitation.

47. DISASTER RELIEF: Relief operations during droughts, floods, earth-quakes, heavy snowfall and other natural calamities.

48. RU-B-RU: Ashram’s free matrimonial service under Ru-B-Ru program through website ( as well as through a Help Desk.

49. HELP ON CALL: 24×7 ambulance is facilitated

50. FIRE DEFENDER: 24×7 Fire fighter team with fully equipped fire tender vehicle.

51. A UNIQUE INITIATIVE: Inspiring people to utilize money for welfare works for humanity instead of spending money on superstitions like performing rituals and unnecessary expenditures on occasions as birth, marriage and death.

52. PEACE AND SALVATION: Helping people lead a stress free life and attain salvation by the path of Gurumantra.

53. SELF-DEFENCE: Anti-suicide teaching by promoting the fact that committing suicide is the greatest sin, and teaching free meditation to gain self confidence and joy from within.

54. THE TRUE PATH: Discard corruption, loot, thefts etc and promotion of good human qualities like honesty, integrity, discipline etc. for the wholesome growth of the country.

55. GENUINE GUIDANCE: Guiding people about the ills of child marriage.

56. CHILD PROTECTION: Stopping child labor as well as promoting education.

57. FREE ENTITLEMENT: Providing free legal aid.

58. CHARACTER BUILDING: Channelizing the younger generation away from immoral mores, cheap music and other means that makes youngsters directionless, by means of spiritual congregations and devotional hymns sung in modern music.

59. REJUVENATION: Organizing free polio camps and facilitating polio vaccination to the newly born.

60. WATER FACILITY: Facilitating clean drinking water in public places.

61. ANTICIPATED LIFE: Helping young widows getting married again.

62. CONTENT WITH ONE: Promoting the message of ‘We(Husband-Wife as one family unit) are one, our child is one’ to check population explosion.

63. THE NEW MORN: To help and counsel young divorcee women to get married again and start a new life again by finding good matches.

64. MANAGE HERITAGE: To help Handicapped Soldiers & their families, and to help families of slain soldiers who lost their lives in the call of duty.

65. NATION’s ADORNMENT: To assist freedom fighters in every possible way.

66. TRUE INSPIRATION: Encouraging people to pledge to never accept or give bribes to make India a corruption free nation.

67. HEART DONATION – AN HONORABLE TASK: To motivate people for posthumous heart donation.

68. KIDNEY DONATION – A MAGNIFICENT TASK: To motivate people to donate kidney to needy people under a fully lawful progress.

69. TRIBAL MARRIAGES: To let them tie in the nuptial lock while ignoring wrong orthodox customs and traditions.

70. AIDS AWARENESS: Prevention of AIDS by spreading awareness and helping those who are fighting with it.

71. TRUE CHILD: Constructing old age orphanages for the parents who have been neglected by their children.

72. BLACK MONEY UTILIZATION: Motivating people to utilize the black money stashed away for public welfare. Note: All the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda request the President & Prime Minister of the nation to create a non-profit fund where all the black money is collected and is utilized for the welfare of poor & needy.

73. CROWN OF THE LINEAGE: Promoting matrilineal inheritance (parallel to the usual patrilineal one) by encouraging the boy (if he has another male sibling) to relocate to his wife’s parental place with everyone’s consent and look after her parents as his own responsibility.

74. SAVE WOMANHOOD: Assisting destitute women.

75. FOOTSTEPS TOGETHER: Supporting physically disabled people and gainfully employed, to help them to get married and generate employment for them.

76. BENEFACTOR OF OUR OWN BEINGS: Creating awareness among the people living in slums. Members of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing motivate them to quit narcotics and request to Government to resolve their problems and bring them to Ashram for the betterment of their life.

77. AN INITIATIVE: Spreading awareness on the menace of AIDS & homosexuality by arranging seminars and distributing books in schools and colleges regarding these, thus, encouraging moral values among younger generation.

78. LIFE’S BACKBONE: Requesting government to providing means of employment to the physically handicapped people.

79. EMPOWERED WOMEN: Operating training centers for giving self-defense techniques to females.

80. SMILE ON INNOCENT FACE: Developing Book-Banks and Toys-Banks so that the destitute children can also be provided with education and toys.

81. SAVE ENERGY: Making people aware about different ways & means of saving water and electricity.

82. BYE-BYE POLYTHENE: Totally giving up the use of polythene and switching to cloth bags.

83. SAVE THE TINY HARDSHIP: Eradicating Child Labour and providing them education.

84. GET LIGHT IN THE DARK: Uniting the prisoners with God’s name and true meditation.

85. LIVELIHOOD THROUGH LABOR: Eradicating gambling and betting from the society.

86. HUMANITARIAN FAVOR: Supporting the families of those martyred or injured due to terrorism or while defending & serving the nation or at any other public places.

87. INSPIRING BEGGARS: Shun the practice of begging by educating beggars about the fruits of hard work and enabling them to get into main stream society.

88. PATHWAY TO LIGHT: Opening special schools for blind & dumb children.

89. HUMANITARIANISM: Admitting the mentally infirm vagrants roaming on the roads to Mental Hospitals and helping to bring their lives back on track.

90. STOP THE MASSACRE: Ensuring closure of animals’ Slaughter houses for animals and birds.

91. POLLUTION FREE ENVIRONMENT: Checking Pollution by making manure out of agri-waste instead of burning the fodder in the fields.

92. RESPECT MOTHERHOOD: Providing healthy and nutritious food and medical treatment to extremely poor pregnant women.

93. NEW FOUNDATIONS OF LIFE: Counseling the depressed people, motivating them to adopt a positive attitude towards life, encouraging them better their resolve to fight problems besides exhorting them to never consider suicide. The promotion of inner self confidence is only possible through the true method of meditation.

94. MOTHER CHILD GUARDIANS: Bringing up the newly born babies and nurturing the poor pregnant women for some time till the baby grows to some extent.

95. STOP TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN: Resisting child trafficking by creating teams to check it.

96. SAVE SOCIETY: Getting the brothels closed through legal means.

97. NEW LIGHT OF HOPE: Promoting widows marriage by the in-laws family like their own daughter, if the girl is willing to.

98. DIGNIFIED HUMANISM: Counseling the youths to avoid eve/adam teasing i.e. prevent unethical behavior.

99. SUPREME OBLIGATION: Encouraging children to avoid parental disdain. Rather treat them with honour, due obedience and courtesy.

100. BHAKT-VEERANGNA GAAZI (DEVOUT WARRIORESS): Motivating self-dependent girls to come forward to marry the crippled and disabled boys.

101. NURTURING MOTHER AND CHILD: Organizing free medical camps to provide free medical care including medicines, nutritional support and advice, tests and follow up to ensure good health of the expectant mothers and their unborn babies.

102. WELFARE FROM BONY CREMATION REMNANTS: The human remains, especially the bony part, are used to nurture and sustain saplings that grow into trees, thereby ending pollution.

103. SAFE ROADS,SAVE LIVES: Inspiring people to remove fallen trees and deceased animals from roads to reduce the toll of accidents.

104. THE WARRIOR-EPITOME OF DEVOTION: Motivating girls to tie in the nuptial lock with widowers.

105. FLIGHT OF SPIRIT: Arranging free treatment and marriages of girls who suffer from hostile acid throw by the miscreants.

106. BEYOND IMAGINATION: To reach out to the victims of rape and gang rape and their families, to end their isolation and social ostracism. Young unmarried men who follow Dera Sacha Sauda (Devout Warriors) shall volunteer to accept them as life partners, with their mutual consent.

107. SORROW FREE JOURNEY: To arrange marriages of girls who are physically challenged e.g. suffering from vitiligo (skin disorder), speech disorders/stammering etc. with Devout warriors.

108. SAVE THE FOOD PRODUCER (AGRONOMIST): A team of specialists will be appointed which will have the apt knowledge pertaining to Farmers’ interest. The team will guide and support farmers evading their frustration and distress which often lead them to suicide.

109. CAMPAIGN TO RELIEVE STRESS: Organizing free counseling camps by Doctors for the people who suffer from depression and mental stress.The team will make efforts to alleviate their stress and refrain them from committing a crime like suicide.

110. HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: To abstain from the usage of non-stick & aluminium utensils and to educate people about it, so that one can be saved from the diseases caused by it.

111. SKIN BANK: To open a skin bank, to extract the skin of dead bodies so that skin of the dead bodies can be used for the skin coating of acid attack victims or burnt cases / fire victims.

112. HEALTHY PROGENY PROGRAM: Arranging Premarital Medical Check-Ups for prospective life partners to screen for any genetic disorder & ensure compatibility of their blood groups for a healthy progeny.

113. PATRIOTISM: Helping & indulging in repair & maintenance of government buildings and pigmentation of walls with prior approval from government and governing bodies.

114. CLEAN SOCIETY: Construction of toilets by dera followers for the people living below poverty line to discourage open toilets & ensure safety from bacteria and viruses.

115. HUMANITARIAN COMFORT: Adopting and taking care of old aged people or children whose relatives have died in any misfortune or war and does not have any one to look after.

116. HOME FOR HELPLESS: To provide shelter to the people who are physically challenged & homeless in government aided homes called “Rain Basera- The Home for needies” or to provide such type of help where these homes are not opened.

117. WINGS TO CAREER: To provide career counseling to school/college going students who are rather in dilemma to choose the appropriate career line according to their capabilities for bright future.

118. QUALITY COACHING: The literate volunteers will provide free coaching during the exam days to the poor and financially weak students, with their consent, to make them enjoy good result and taste success and excellence.

119. STOP MISUSE OF SUBSIDY: The well off, affluent families will give up subsidy, provided on different items by the government, in the favour & benefit of the needy & the hapless to make the nation economically stronger & more stable.

120. BHAGAT YODHA TO MARRY PHYSICAL CHALLENGED GIRLS: Dera Sacha Sauda male volunteers to marry physically handicapped or physically challenged girls to make their life easy.

121. CONTRIBUTE EVERYDAY: To pray for at least 10-15 minutes for well being of all humans considering everyone is a child of God and is our brother/sister. Also to take out at least 1 rupee [Indian Currency] everyday to contribute in society welfare later.

122. CHILDREN ON PATH OF SPIRITUALITY: Inspiring your children to do meditation everyday, you can reward them for the same.

123. ALCOHOL FREE INDIA: To make villages liquor free, start by taking one village at a time.

124. UNITING FAMILIES: When boy, girl or both (aka love birds) elopes, make their family understand and try to unite the whole family again, if fails to do so, you can bring them to Dera Sacha Sauda for the same.

125. Saving Stray Cattle: Saving stray cattle by painting their horns with organic paints (containing no harmful chemicals) acting as good reflector of light such that they become easier to spot by road traffic, ultimately preventing accidents.

126. Gamble Free Country: Will never be part of any gambling or such activity and will earn through right means by doing hard work, also to inspire and help others to do so.

127. Swadeshi: Will try to use "Made in India" products as much as possible and to 100% boycott Chinese products.

These are the present 127 Welfare Works officially happening under Dera Sacha Sauda, volunteers are contributing to these works in every part of the world.

Note: This article will be updated time to time with starting of new DSS welfare activities, it was last updated on 21st December 2016.



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Youth Voice: Humanitarian Works - Dera Sacha Sauda
Humanitarian Works - Dera Sacha Sauda
A brief description of all the ongoing humanitarian programs by volunteers of worlds largest spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda.
Youth Voice
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